5 PC and Xbox Games We See in 2018

5 PC and Xbox Games We Hopefully See in 2018


As 2017 is ended and it was very good years for games but the gaming addiction is not over yet. 2018 is going to be bang for PC and Xbox users. Because the year is going to start with awesome games that are releasing for PC and Xbox As well.

Following is the list of Top 5 PC & Xbox games that are going to release in 2018

1) Halo 6


Under the banner of Microsoft Halo is action adventure sci-fi game. Halo is as strong as ever in the novel department, fans of the games are eagerly awaiting about the next installment in the series. Halo 5 is two years old now.


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GTA V was a huge success and still peeps love about the game. Modes and awesome control over character make the games at top rank in 2013. But we are not taking about 2013 this is 2018. After the release of Red Dead Redemption 2 this spring, there’s a good chance that the next GTA title will be Rockstar’s main focus going forward.

3) The Elder Scrolls VI

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Skyrim was the most popular open world game in the series. Skyrim’s success only added to the already well received titles in the Elder Scrolls franchise, and with over 6 years passing since the game release. Gamers are seeing if the sixth installment of the acclaimed series will be revealed in the new year.

4) Far Cry 5

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Ubisoft`s action adventure open world shooting game. That was going to release in December but the success of Assassin`s Creed Origins made the ubisoft to change its future plans. Far Cry 5 was set to release in February but company has changed it plans. Now the game is set to release in march 2018.

5) BioShock 4pc games 2018

BioShock Infinite, the third game in the series, was a block buster with the gaming industry. This was expected, though, because BioShock has always had a history of well-written stories, strong game play mechanics, and creative worlds for the player to explore. Irrational Games, BioShock Infinite’s developer, has since shut down, but the intellectual property still rests in the hands of publisher 2K Games.

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