6 WordPress Plugins That Will boost up Your Site

6 WordPress Plugins That Will Speed up Your Site

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With all the hard work that you put into building your website. Do you know the one thing that can kill it before it even has a chance? it is called speed.

Most visitors on your site are only willing to wait a matter of seconds for your site to load before they decide. It isn’t worth the effort and escape out, back to Google. where they will make their way to your competition.

Speaking of Google, the search engine includes your loading speed in its search algorithms. The faster your site, the better your ranking.

WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins

plugins are the most important tool for your website and the wordpress offers the great plugins for the site that will bost up your site.

There are plugins for extremely high traffic sites, plugins for image heavy sites, and every need you might have in between. WordPress Plugins

Here is our list of top, speed inducing plugins

1.  WP Fastest Cache

worpress plugins

Looking for a plugin that is fast, and has 3 million downloads, still maintains a five-star review.

Except the heavey the traffic on your site. The more RAM and CPU is used and it means only one thing.

Slow rendering.

WP Fastest Cache creates a static HTML file, so that multiple users reach the same static page rather than having the page render repeatedly.

Looking at the 5-star reviews this plug in receives, user site speed, functionality and ease of use among the top features.

More than 400,000 active installations can’t be wrong.

The only downside? To take full advantage of all the features will require a premium version.

2. Caching: W3 Total Cache

wordpress plugin

This plugin is one of the most respected and recommended WPO frameworks by major web developers and web host. Plus, it has gained the trust of big business names like AT&T and Mashable.

Impressive. But, is W3 Total Cache the right plugin for your needs?

This plugin will do a lot for you. The website boasts perks such as

  • At least 10x improvement in overall site performance.
  • Improvements in conversion rates.
  • Improvements in search engine rankings.
  • Up to 80 percent bandwidth savings.

On the other hand, the complexity of this plugin doesn’t make it  user-friendly to the uninitiated and its intended audience is experts in the field. The features can be overwhelming and, honestly, too complicated for the small-time user.

3. Compressing JavaScript & CSS Files: WP Super Minify

wordpress plugins

The three-step process for installing this plugin include downloading the plugin, uploading it to the directory and activating it through the plugins menu.

The process really couldn’t be any simpler or foolproof.

WP Super Minify won’t increase Google page speed as much as some of the more technical plugins, however, many users can expect an increase of 2 to 4 percent.

Not too bad for an easy and intuitive plugin.

4. WP Smush

wordpress plugin

Every image on your site can increase page load time. In the past, the only real way around this was by compromising image quality. With WP Smush, every image is compressed so that the overall size is decreased, yet the integrity and quality of the image remain intact.

What are some of the perks of WP Smush?

  • It supports all common image formats including JPEG, GIF, and PNG.
  • Removes unused colors from images.
  • It is compatible with other plugins.
  • Compresses any image in your directory.
  • Removes metadata from JPEG images.
  • Multiple images to compress? No problem. W3 Smush handles up to 50 at a time.

WP Smush is the go-to plugin for image optimization.

5. BJ Lazy Load

wordpress plugins

What if your page is large, or contains many images? Loading time is naturally going to be slower.

BJ Lazy Load has the solution.

When this plugin is installed, your page no longer loads all at once.

Isn’t this a bad thing?

6. WP Optimize


Running a WordPress site can lead to a highly inefficient database.

Every time a new page or post is saved, WordPress creates a revision of that post or page. So, if you edit a post 6 times (as I’ve done so far with this post) there might be 5 copies of this post as revisions.

As you can imagine, this quickly adds data to the database table resulting in unnecessarily bloat and slower access.

In other cases, a large blog might have thousands of spam or un-approved comments saved in their tables, causing further inefficiencies.

In short, WP-Optimize allows you to clean up and optimize your database to make it run better. You can also remove all those post revisions and comments automatically to ensure your database is running neat, fast, and efficient.

So what are you waiting for the word press plugin are the easiest way for the creating and bosting you site

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