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We live in a wonderful time. Being limited to second hand adventure through characters in books and films is a thing of the past. Now we are the heroes. There are new voyages to experience, guilds to form and stories to made. And there are millions of new friends out there to take the journey with us.

Gone are the days where gaming is a niche market.
From lowly beginnings the gaming world has grown to mass market appeal, with global sales and an inclusive audience. There really is something for everyone out there, regardless of age, gender or culture. The line between the movies and games is blurring too, as budgets increase and top-flight actors are appearing ever more frequently in games. Other entertainment mediums will have a tough job keeping up.

Mobile Reviews

We are the one who offer mobile phone reviews in Pakistan. But out goal is to Expand the net wok To all over the world. The Same way we in near Future we will Offer the Mobile Phone comparison and Prices in the all over region we will support our region in the way of tech.


We are the only Pakistani Base technology website. We will promote and support the technological news and setup on all over the world. Specially in Pakistan.

So quite naturally, it occurred to us that perhaps you’d be interested in getting our scoop of the most interesting tech toys of the day. We hardly miss an announcement or a demo of an exciting new gadget and we thought it’s about time we start putting those down in writing, as well.

Secondly, by having our personal say through the blog, we’d be able to release cellphone news and even coverage that we normally don’t provide through WEBTECHURDU.com for various reasons.

Besides providing news scoops, will give us an opportunity to review other products besides cellphones or present our research on interesting high-tech topics that don’t necessarily have something to do with mobile phones.

Finally, the WEb TEch blog can also be a place to share some funny stuff from the mobile industry and if you’ve come to appreciate what our team does in the field of mobile phones, you’d certainly find it interesting to see us covering other stuff as well. At least we hope you would. About Us