Apple Iphone is using as a spy cam

Apple Iphone

You will be worried to know that your Apple Iphone camera is using against you. Still don`t know? so here is. One of Google engineer Felix Krause has blast the world saying that IOS has allowed every one to use camera any where. They can take picture ir make videos with the knowledge of the the i phone user.

breaking the news about Apple Iphone

In one of his research Felix found that this app “Watch user” can access the camera any where and every where with out any persmission. The user can watch and share the Pic ture and videos. But this can happen when the user is canot using the App.

The most disturbing news about this app is that if someone is using this app with out permission. The the user personal life in no more personal at all.  Felix syas that user is not able to stay safe from it. Although there are some privacy options, but they will make issue for the user as well.

The weakness he describes is kind of obvious: once you grant permission to access the camera, then the app by definition can use it whenever it’s in the foreground. Apple’s app review process should detect rogue apps, so the risk is relatively low.

Apple Iphone

That said, the app review process is not perfect at all. We’ve recently seen, for example, how Uber was able to track the locations of users after a ride ended in a similar abuse of permissions. Krause suggests a couple of options to close the loop.

Offer a way to grant temporary access to the camera (e.g. to take and share one picture with a friend on a messaging app) [or] show an icon in the status bar that the camera is active, and force the status bar to be visible whenever an app accesses the camera“.

A variation on this theme would be to require apps to make a shutter sound when taking a photo.

He said a third option: using a Mac-style LED on the front of the phone which glow when the camera is in use. But with Apple already replacing a full width iPhone ‘forehead’ with a mark in the iPhone X, and doubtless aiming to remove it altogether in time, I think that ship has sailed.

This not the frist time that some one has pointed out the Apple technical mistakes.





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