Assassin`s Creed Origins tough anti piracy tech is Serious to PC performance


Assassin`s Creed Origins

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The new open-world Assassin`s Creed Origins, set in a beautifully realised ancient Egypt. Would be a most wanted game for PC hardware to run at the best of times. But it seems anti-piracy measures may be adding an additional, substantial strain on pc`s. Assassin`s Creed Origins

Following reports of high CPU load from the new game, TorrentFreak spoke with game cracker (read: piracy enabler) Voksi, who found some interesting implementation of anti piracy DRM (digital rights management) tools in Origins.

It appears that Origins is using not onebut two DRM tools. The first is the often used Denuvo, which has been reasonably easy to crack for pirates in the past. As an added defensive measure, Voksi claims that VMProtect, another anti-piracy tool,
has also been used.

It’s this dual set up that’s making gamer’s computers work incredibly hard when running the game. VMProtect works by running code in a virtual machine on your system, using non-standard architecture to secure the files that would make the game vulnerable to pirates.

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As a game cracker, Voksi will have a bias against these systems, but the entire episode still acts to underline the ongoing battle between pirates and publishers andh te gamers caught in the crossfire.

Without crackers, there would be no need for these DRM measures. And yet the tools being implemented act only to harm the enjoyment of those paying to play the game illegally. You can onlu assume crakers would eventually patch out the DRM should a crack prove successful. However, Ubisoft have a right to protect their property, and a more complex DRM system will certainly go towards slowing (if not stopping) piracy of the game. And yet Ubisoft have a duty to the experience of their players too.


Assassin1s creed origins appears to be resulting in even powerful processors being overloaded, with some players reporting its leading to Windows’ dreaded “Blue Screen of Death” crash as their CPUs overheat just a short while into a play session. While that’s at the extreme end of the scale, reports of FPS drops and stutter are being reported more widely.

Ubisoft is trying despratly to stop the game from being cracked. The Assassin`s creed Origins is the most expensive one from the past games in the series. But the pirates will be trying to crack the game.

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As we know that Assassin`s creed Origins team is trying to safe the game as much as possible from the crackers. But if the game is being cracked then there will a lot of bugs in the game like Assasins creed unity.
The makers will be happy that the fgame do a business just as they want to but the crackers will be trying harder to pirate the game




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