CeramicSpeed Chainless bike drive

CeramicSpeed Chainless Bike Drive

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The future of cycling just have been reveal at Eurobike. An annual cycling trade Off show that is taking place right now in Germany. At the event, a company called CeramicSpeed took the curtains off a prototype bike. That gives looks like a science-fiction movie. Complete with a revolutionary new chain less drive system. That promises to be a revelation for riders, improving speed and efficiency without an increase in power.

CeramicSpeed develops a new DrivEn system in cooperation with the University of Colorado’s mechanical engineering department. The inventive crankset gets rid of the customary chain drive supplanting it with a framework that utilization. 21 clay orientation to exchange control created from the pedals through front-and back mounted pinions. This eliminates the quantity of moving parts required with the drivetrain extensively.

According to CeramicSpeed, the DrivEn actually gets more efficient at higher speeds. In fact, the company claims that when a rider hits 380 watts of output. Efficiency actually climbs to 99 percent, something that is unheard of on a traditional bike model. If true, that means that nearly all of the power generate by a rider is  transfer directly to the wheels of the bike. That should lead to faster rides for both serious and casual cyclists alike.


The DrivEn model gets rid of the chain, derailleurs, and pulleys found on most conventional bicycles, which has the impact of decreasing the quantity of grating focuses found in the drive framework. As the chain slides through a regular cycling crankset, there are eight focuses where it can create rubbing, bringing down proficiency subsequently. In any case, CeramicSpeed’s new drive drops that number down to only two grinding focuses, which implies a greater amount of the power that is created from accelerating goes straightforwardly into pushing the bicycle forward, converting into more speed for less work.

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