Extra Torrent Launch Their Own Torrent Site

ExtraTorrent Uploaders Launch Their Own Torrent Site

Extratorrent Alternative Introduced

As you know that to donwload heavey files from internet you have to use torrent site. which is very easy way to download the huge files.

Torrent Alternative ETTV.tv

Extratorrent which was a big website and it was good from all present torrent sites. All the creater who was uploading trhere files to the torrents are making there own alternative to the extratorrents.

With the shutdown of Extratorrent, another major torrent site threw in the towel last spring. This also meant that many prominent uploaders groups became homeless. Several of the major players, including ETTV, ETHD, and DTOne have now joined forces and launched their own official download portal.

Extratorrent alternatives

Earlier this year the torrent community entered in shock when another torrent site suddenly closed its doors.

Having served torrents to the masses for over a decade. ExtraTorrent decided to throw in the towel, without providing any detail or an apparent motive.

Although ExtraTorrent is no more, the site’s name live on thanks to several uploader groups that were tied to the site. The TV and movie torrent uploaders ETTV and ETHD continued their work on sites such as The Pirate Bay and 1337x.

To fill this gap, ETTV, ETHD and DTOne have now shake hands and launched a torrent site of their own. Simply named ETTV.tv.

Extratorrents alternatives

While the groups in question had ExtraTorrent as their home, this is not a reincarnation of the defunct torrent site. ETTV.tv is operated by different people and only offers a curated selection of movie and TV uploads.

The groups currently promote ETTV.tv in their upload notes on other sites. Even though the site has only been around for a few days, many close followers have found their way to it already.

During the months and years to come the groups hope to keep these people on board, add some more, and stay clear from any legal problems.

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