Honda is planning for CNG SUV but No one Want it

Honda is planning for CNG SUV but No one Want it

Well Honda is one of the top motor cars producing company. It was selling CNG civic from 1998 to 2015. The most-recent model, called the Civic Natural Gas after years bearing the Civic GX moniker, was discontinu in 2015 as Honda was moving to the tenth-generation Civic.

The Civic Natural Gas was offering around 700 units per year by then. So request was never unbelievably solid for this surprising powertrain compose. All things consider, Honda needs to prepare for showcase shifts. Amid a media occasion at the New York International Auto Show this week. A Honda representative uncover that the organization as initial plans to present a CNG SUV in 2013 or so. As we now know, those plans are never put without hesitation.

The problem came to notice that Honda has three different categories of vehicles.

That model comes with all-electric, hydrogen fuel cell, and plug-in hybrid powertrain options.

This sort of flexibility was also available in the Accord sedan. Which came with standard hybrid and PHEV options alongside the gasoline-only versions.

It’s not uncommon, when we develop a car, to save space for future technology”. Saying the spokesperson of the company. “We have an SUV in our line up 5 years ago which was suppose to run on CNG. We made a car in mind of the SUV but i never come to happening”.

“They do develop a car assuming, maybe something takes off in year two or three, that we can adapt with a minor model change,” the spokesperson said.

The picture above is just a speculation of the car that will run on CNG. But we are not sure as we are looking to that previous record of Honda CNG cars. The main reason of delay in the process is the units not selling as desire for the company.

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