How to Run Steam on Mac


How to Install Steam on Apple Mac


Steam is the gaming wesite that offer games for Xbox, PS4 and Pc. Steam is one of the largest gaming platform for the gamers. It has offer many big games and still having the world largest cun-current players. Whic giver it the upper hand over Origins and Uplay.

But there are some gamers that are not using Windows. They use Apple Mac OS steam has also consider them.  Uplay and origin does not offer this facility to Mac users. Steam took one step further to do it.

Many of user don`t know how to install steam on Mac and how to download game on it. following is the detail isntallation and user guide for using Steam on Mac OS.

Installing Steam on Mac

To istall steam on mac you will need the latest Os 10.7 (Lion) and 1 Gb of free space in your hard drive. After that go to steam website and click on intsall steam. The page will then directed you that you are using Mac and then click on install steam Now. File will be added to your directory.

Stam on mac

Open your directory and click steam.dmg. The click Agree. When a Finder window appears, drag the Steam icon to the Applications folder shortcut.

Steam on Mac

You can now isntall steam for you Applictions folder. You will get a standard ‘application downloaded from the Internet’ warning. Click Open. Steam will install an update.

Create Steam Account on Mac

If you have account just sign in or if you are new user then sign up and the email verification code will be send to your email.


Click Create New Account, agree to the terms. Click Next and enter an email address for account retrieval and security. Your account will be set up, after which point you’ll get an opportunity to print your details.

Click Finish and you’ll be sent a confirmation email. Click the link within the email and you’ll be ready to go. For further security, the Steam app will point you at details on how to add a mobile number to your account, for account recovery via SMS.

Install Steam games on Mac

Steam offers both free and paid games. For free games, click the Play Game button. This opens a window with options for creating a desktop shortcut, and enabling you to adjust the install location. Add the former if you like; avoid changing the latter.

Click Next and Steam will create the local game files on your Mac. Click Finish and then Play Game again to open it – or open the game from the Library.

steam on Mac

For paid games, the Play Game button is replaced by Add to Cart. When in the checkout, you click either Purchase for myself, or Purchase as a gift if you’re buying the game(s) for someone else. A range of payment options is provided, which includes PayPal, debit/credit cards and Bitcoin.



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