Huawei new 5G Phone to release in 2019

Huawei new 5G Phone to Release in 2019


We have not taste the sweetness of 5G network, But soon Huawei will give us the bite of  this sweet candy that every one is willing to eat. They have already launch confirm that, in 2019 they will launch new 5G smartphone.

As far as we know the smartphone will launch in third quarter of 2019. In HUmawei`s global analyst summit Anshel Sag ( analyst at Moon Insights and Strategy)  who learned the timing.

But as far as we know these handsets will reach to publich  between July and September 2019. This new monster will be called Huawei mate 30 or whatever its name going to be.

Mate 30 will not be the only 5G phone that company will make. Because 5G will not be available globally in 2019. And company will product the limited quantity and not a wide rang launch for the Phone. Mate 30 is the best candidate for the company as they will likly to use the high end handsets.

5G Technology Is Faster then Fast

According to Neil Shah, an analyst at Counterpoint. Huawei will use There own 5G modem in the phone. While we don’t know what the capabilities of the modem will be yet. The company has already unveiled the Balong 5G01 modem. Which is too large for smartphones and  is capable of download speeds of up to 2.3Gbps.

With the comparison of Snapdragon Chipset 845 founc in Sony Experia XZ2 and Samsung Galaxy S9. Which give 1.2 Gbps of speed.

So if the modem in Huawei’s phone is even close to the capabilities of the Balong 5G01 then you should be able to enjoy download speeds that are far, far higher than any current handset. That is, if you have access to a 5G network, which initially will be the big stumbling block.

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