Instagram can let you mute friends

Instagram can let you Mute Friends



At last the wait is over for the Instagram users. They can now mute unwanted friends in the newest update. It means that users can follow up theirs favorite persons but by mute option they can get rid of their posts.

You can always unfollow someone, it is not realistic option you can’t unfollow a close relative just because they post 12 times a day, for instance. Even if they really deserve it. Now will be able to mute the irritating profile instead, thus preserving any IRL relationships.

Social media networks are very slow to include mute features. Because they would rather have as much content to display to you as possible. But when account get old, and users add more friends on them, their feeds start to get clogged up. Adding a mute button is far more good of our relationships, so it’s about time that Instagram added one. I apologize in advance to all my coworkers.


To Mute some one all you have to do is to click on right corner on you Instagram profile that you want to mute. Then simply click on mute. Then new popup will appear from here you can chose. That you want to Mute friend posts or there stories.

It’s significant that despite the fact that you’ve quieted the client, regardless you’ll have the capacity to send each different DMs, label each other in pots, and visit each other’s profiles. So they’ll basically never know.

While it might not have taken off to you yet, Instagram are putting forth this element to everone, so it won’t be long until you never again need to think about Aunt Cathy’s Sainsbury’s shop.

Twitter and Facebook have long offer users a mute or “snooze” function, but this is new territory for Insta – which is great for us, considering it’s the app we use most.

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