Which One To Choose? Managed Vs. Shared WordPress Hosting

Managed vs Shared WordPress Hosting


 Managed WordPress Hosting

If you are running a business that is highly dependent on the website or if your website is your business. Then managed WordPress is the option for you as it offers you a hurdle free experience. This is not to say that shared WordPress hosting is full of hurdle. But what we mean is it is more advanced and better managed than shared WordPress hosting.


While you can hire an IT support team to manage your website. It is highly recommended to shell out extra amount to buy managed WordPress hosting for the following reasons.


  • Speed: A successful website is the one that does not slow down even when the traffic is heavy because a slow website implies loss of potential customers. Friday. As customers may go to the competitor’s website if the website loads slow. If your business depends upon the traffic that comes to your website.
  • Security: If your business entails customers entering personal details such as credit card details. Then it is important to ensure that your website is hacker proof. Managed WordPress hosting provides a tight security layer that is hacker-proof. scans for malware, and blocks all hacking attempts.
  • Personalized customer support: There are instances when your system administrator might not be aware of certain technical aspects. Which could impact the functionality of your website. In such cases, managed WordPress hosting can rescue you as the customer support team has good domain knowledge and analyze your problems. They give you advice about the plugins that you must use or not use and troubleshoot your issues almost immediately.
  • Automatic updates: To ensure that your website is performing at its peak. Your web server is automatically updated right from operating system on the server to PHP, MySQL, and WordPress too. So, you need not to worry about updating your website every time. It ensures that your website is running the latest and most secure versions of every component.

However, managed hosting has its disadvantages.

  • High cost: The first disadvantage is, of course, the high cost. A shared WordPress hosting costs as low as $3.95 per month, while the base price of managed WordPress hosting begins from $29 per month. However, with kind of benefits that managed WordPress hosting provides, this amount may seem to be reasonable.
  • Rigid infrastructure: You can only use WordPress sites on the host. So, if you have multiple sites that run on systems such as Drupal and plan to host them on your dedicated managed WordPress host, it cannot be done.
  • Plugin limitations: Managed WordPress hosting companies put restrictions on using certain plugins either due to security reasons or because the tasks such as caching is performed on the server level by the hosting companies. So, if you are planning to use a popular plugin to add features to your website.

Shared WordPress Web Hosting

As mentioned above, shared WordPress web hosting is economical, so it is apt if your business is not dependent on website or if you are a blogger. However, shared WordPress hosting has its benefits too.

  • Competitive pricing: As several websites share the maintenance fees of the server, the hosting fee is just around $3.95 to $9.95 per month.
  • Hassle-free upgrade: So, your business is growing, and you plan to make your website the main source of getting business, then you can upgrade to managed WordPress hosting with the same hosting company without any hassles.
  • Improved technology: With increased competition, most shared WordPress hosting comes with easy to use admin panel such as cPanel that helps the website owner or admin to manage their website from a web-based interface.

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