Play Steam PC Games on Your IPhone

How to Play steam PC Games on Your IPhone

The most common problem of PC gamers are that you cannot play it any time and any where. And you can not even move all setup with you either. Many people are making good devices but you can not move it from place to place either. Steam is the great gaming platform and they are giving many awesome games from the decade.

Peoples are searching ways for playing PC Games on the smart devices from day one but non of it happen. But Iphone is the smartphone where you will be able to play you steam that`s right steam games on you cell phone.

How to Play PC Games on IPhone

Step 1: Install Kinoni Streamer

The very first step of playing pc games on iphone is that you have to install the kinoni steamer softwere. On Windows it’s called Kinoni Streamer, and on mobile it’s called KinoConsole.  You can download it from here for free just click on Download here. Follow the steps to install the software suite

Step 2: Set you password

Once you have install the software all you have to do is to set the password for your account. This will allow you to give your phone access to your PC when you use it to play games. This added level of security is much appreciated, as it stops just anybody from being able to gain access to your games.

To set password make sure that you are connected to internet. Now just open the kinoni steamer app on your Pc. Type your password and click on OK to log in.

pc games

Step 3: Add your steam games

This step is the most tricky one. Launch the app and then click on quick launch from the upper Tab bar. Click on Browse and windows explorer will pop up. Then you have to select steam games from your pc.

pc games

The go to the drive where are your games are installed. Next, click on the “SteamLibrary” folder, then “steamapps,” and finally “common.” Inside the “common” folder, you’ll see all the Steam games that are in your Library. You’ll know it’s the application itself as its “type” is displayed as “Application” in Windows Explorer, and it’s the only file in the folder with the game’s icon. If there are two files that show the game’s icon, one is likely not an “Application.”

pc games

Once you have clicked the application then click open. Repeat the process if you have more then one games. Once you get a few games loaded in the Quick Launch tab, click “OK” in the bottom-right corner. This will close out the application window on your computer, but it’ll keep running in the background.

pc games

Step 4: Install kinoConsole on you IPhone

In this step all you have to do it to install kinoconsole on you Iphone an run it. You can find it easily on you App store.

pc games

Step 5: enter password

In this step make sure that you device is connected with the same local area network as your pc. When you open you app on phone your computer name will show and then you have to enter the same password as you enter in PC software

pc games pc games

Step 6: Play games.

The final step you are ready all you have to do is play the games that you have selected in step 3 and enjoy the pc version of games on you smartphone.

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