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This is $20 security camera is Targeting Nest cam`s Position

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When the Nest cam or the dropcam, as it was known back then was frist introduced, it was somthing of a play changer. intsalled it in, get connected WIFI, and you are all set.

These days the Nest Cam stands in a more crowded place. Logitech, Netgear, Samsung and other big names all have there own comparable deals, all rushing to to bring the hugh feacture set at the lowest cost and price.

A new challenger arrives! it is called the Wyze Cam, and, as amazing as it looks it will on cost $20 (before shipping,which changes a bit.)

Here is the specifications of Wyze Cam

  • 1080p video recording, with infrared-based night vision
  • It has a magnetic base that can swivel/tilt to point the camera wherever it’s needed. You can sit it on a desk, or it comes with a sticky metal plate for popping it up in otherwise non-magnetic spots.
  • It can send alerts when it detects motion or sound, or, interestingly, when it hears the loud beeps of a smoke/carbon monoxide detector.
  • The price tag includes cloud-based “alert video” storage for the last 14 days on a rolling basis. It’ll push ~15 seconds of video to the cloud each time it detects motion/sound (as opposed to something like the subscription-based Nest Aware, which does continuous footage, storing everything recorded whenever the device is on.)
  • If you want continuous recording, you can stick a microSD card (not included) into the back. Continuous video is stored locally but can be accessed remotely through the app.
  • It has a microphone/speaker built in for 2-way audio.
  • The base unit costs $20 through Wyze Labs, plus ~$6 for shipping. If you buy it on Amazon with Prime shipping, the price gets bumped up to $30.


WyzeCam, the $19.99 Smart Home Camera For Everyone (PRNewsfoto/Wyze Labs, Inc.)

So how on earth in the company making money on a 20 dollers HD security camera? Put simply: the probaly are not. Not much, atleast. Wyze Labs director of makerting Jessie Zhou was pretty happy that the margins on this product are “highly low”; she notes, though, that this is just the first step for the company. she say that the Wyze Labs want to make a bunch of diffrent acheivable smart home device like Wyze Cam. Wyze Cam is meant to help the get the going and build their customers base.

Wyze Cam Score

It also helps that Wyze Labs isn’t building the hardware themselves, right now. They’re tapping a design by Chinese mega company Xiaomi here, customizing it with their own cloud integration and Android/iOS apps. Xiaomi started selling this camera (albeit without Wyze’s additions) as “Xiaofang” earlier this year.


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