SEO Search reveals 6 Thing to Do In Content Marketing

SEO Search reveals 6 Thing to Do In Content Marketing

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SEO and content marketing share an awful place in the idustry. The share and lot of territory.

Many of people writes thousands of articles about how the content marketing is new SEo and how it is not. Its all true but many content marketers have the SEO skill and many are trying to marter that skill.

To give yoy the inner look you have to do your own content marketing and show off your skills.

Here are SIX thing that you should do is SEO content marketing.

1) Best SEO tactic is Content

jsut you want to know how this works just study the graph created by  Ascend2’s latest survey About SEO



 2) High Traffic Comes From Search

This is for those who though social search is enough to save you. You might be wrong why? here is the answer.

According to BrightEdge’s study the 51% of organic search is the high channel. And social fight be just a reserve fuel to the site.

3) competition is high- but not in every sector

If you have read much about content marketing, you probably know the term “content shock”. It was coined by Mark Schaefer to describe what is basically a tidal wave of competition for our audiences’ attention.

There’s simply more content “out there” than they have time to consume.

This is a core problem for content marketers because the whole reason content works is because of the audience’s attention. Content gets through their filters when advertising messages can’t. Diffuse that attention, and your results tank.

4) SEO is not used as much you could

It is a shame so many businesses and websites aren’t even trying to do SEO. But it means there’s more of an opportunity for you.

Less than a third of small businesses  only 28% do any SEO. And only 57% of bloggers report using SEO as a tactic to drive traffic to their content.

5) Understanding Users Intentions.

What is like to understang the users intent. Will the search your page?. Eg: its like they will search smartphone. So what the will buy it or the want to know about its history. Thats tha trick that we shoul master.

If your user is more aggresive the you should give feedback with the a short period of time.

6) Third party serach will not give you clicks

This is no other opinion. It’s well documented that click-through rates are falling – as much as 37% in two years.

So what’s happening? A few factors. But the rise of mobile use is definitely one of them.

There’s a significant different in the number of non-clicks between mobile and desktop devices:



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