Three Tips For A Successful Partnership With Your Sponsor

Three Tips For A Successful Partnership With Your Sponsor

When you become brand on blogging or on YouTube. Then it is time that your hard work is going to paid off. As much you got success in these platform the more you will be earning a lot.

Make sure not to fall into common mistakes with your sponsors so you will have a successful partnership.

Here are three tips to avoid the common mistake with your  sponsor.

1) Make sure to promote properly


You will be surprise that how many people forget this step. It is important to maintaining a positive and successful partnership with any sponsor. Also important to promote them in your videos. But never forget to do it on social media as well. Social media is very important and useful when promoting videos and sponsors. But you have to use this resource cleverly. Represent the brand properly. Don’t be sarcastic or rude. That is a sure way to turn sponsors and potential sponsors off your channel.

Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram are the 4 most popular social media platforms. And they are great tools when promoting. Make sure not to throw your followers with constant promotion posts. Or else they will unfollow and even unsubscribe from you. Use the proper hashtags to get people talking, and even mention the company if it has an account so they can promote your video on their pages as well.

2) Charge as low as possible.


It is  incredibly tricky to work sometimes. But very important to know what to charge so you have a successful partnership with your sponsor. How much you charge for brand deals and sponsorships depends on your channel. There are three main things that you need to remember: engagement rate, specificity of your niche, and reach. Your engagement rate is not only how many subscribers you have, but how many likes and comments that you have as well.

Your niche is the area that your videos are largely about, such as hunting, technology, makeup, etc. Additionally, the more specific your niche is, the more you are worth. Reach relates back to the first point – your social media presence and how many followers and likes you have. If you have a large reach, you’re more likely to get brand deals and sponsorship.

3) stick to your deadline


This tip is very important when making videos for sponsors. It’s very easy to let a deadline slip past, especially if you have other obligations in your life, but it’s vitally important not to let it happen. If there is a legitimate emergency that prevented you from finishing your video by the agreed time, let your sponsor know. Make sure to sincerely apologize, and make a concentrated effort to get the video up as soon as possible.

However, if you are consistently late in posting videos with no valid reason, you will lose your sponsors. You will also display that you are not a trustworthy person, and that may add difficulty in getting new sponsors. Stick to your deadline. Make a reasonable estimation of how long this video will take you, and plan out your steps to finishing accordingly. Make lists of every part of the video-making process and start checking them off one by one as you finish them. Set realistic goals to achieve by a certain amount of time, and achieve them.

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