Twitter Shuts ‌Cambridge Analytica Ad Platform

Twitter Shuts ‌Cambridge Analytica Ad Platform

Twitter Shuts ‌Cambridge Analytica

After the scandal that has damage the goodwill of Facebook. In Facebook scandal twitter user was pin pointing the drawbacks of Facebook. There was a  trending tag of  #deletFacebook was viral worldwide.

The move indirectly relate to reports of yesterday that Twitter had sell user data to Dr Aleksandr Kogan. The Cambridge University academic member who sold Facebook user data to Cambridge Analytica in 2014. After getting in it via an app that drew on Facebook’s APIs to pull information on users and their friends.

Last month Kogan told a UK parliamentary committee. He used some of the money Cambridge Analytica paid him for collecting and processing the Facebook data to buy some Twitter data. Though he said he had intended to use that for his own purposes, not for selling to others.

Aleksandr Kogan is the person who invented the app “thisismylife“. Trough which he stole the Facebook data.  Well it is also possible that twitter data is also stolen for this purpose.

Twitter’s spokesperson also told us: “Based on the recent reports. We conducted our own internal review and did not find any access to any private data about people who use Twitter.  Unlike many other services, Twitter is public by its nature. People come to Twitter to speak publicly, and public Tweets are viewable and searchable by anyone. In 2015, GSR [Kogan’s comapny] did have one-time API access to a random sample of public Tweets from a five-month period from December 2014 to April 2015.”

Facebook has also said as many as 87 million users could have had some of their information harvested by Kogan and passed to Cambridge Analytica.

In a blog post late last month Twitter reiterated some of the policies it has in place to limit access to public Twitter data — even when a developer is paying for it, as Kogan was.

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