United 100CC 2018 in Pakistan Review

United 100cc 2018


Economy and Durability Running Side by Side;

The all-new 2018 model of the United 100cc bike brings some cutting-edge improvement both in performance and stature without a significant hike in the United 100cc price in Pakistan. The bike prices in Pakistan have been revved up for both the Chinese and Japanese brands. But, despite the price hike, the United 100cc price 2018 remains well within the reach of the low-income buyers. Though a powerful bike with graceful appearance, you can get it for as low as less than fifty-five thousand rupees. That’s a great deal, isn’t it? In fact, such a package is rare to come by.

A Smart Bike Boasting Greater Power;

By size and stature, the new 2018 United 100cc motorcycle looks like a standard 70cc bike. Nevertheless, it is not an exact replica of some other brand. The viewers do witness real creativity, freshness and an air of boldness. For example, the curves and designing of the fuel tank and side parts seem so attractive and pleasing to the view. And this is what makes a real difference especially when you intend to enjoy a confident driving experience.

Transmission and Starter System;

For an incredibly low United 100 2018 price in Pakistan, you won’t definitely be expecting something really big, like the advanced 5-speed gearbox and a self-starter system. The bike lacks in such supreme tech specs. At the same time, there is nothing less than or inferior to tradition. Put in simpler words, the potential buyers do get the traditional 4-speed transmission system and mechanically-operated kick-starter system to put the bike on the road.

Final Verdict;

If you are bored with using an ordinary 70cc bike for years and years and want to go for a travelling companion that is a bit more powerful and costs almost equal to a 70cc bike, the United 100 2018 should be one of the best options on the table. It comes packed with a 97cc 4-stroke machine with greater 1 liter oil capacity. Also, its bigger fuel tank can accommodate up to twelve liters of fuel. The innovative design embodies decency to attract the attention of the onlookers. Even the seat has been styled to optimize comfort and convenience. However, you should not be expect the amazingly high fuel efficiency as offered by the latest Honda CD 70 2018, which still remains the best-seller two-wheeler in the country.

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