Learn how to get the more of WordPress for less than $40

Learn how to get the more of WordPress for less than $40


You will be asked lot of questions about WordPress in the beginning stages of building a blog for a business. But “Which platform should I use?” shouldn’t be one of them. As millions of people across the world could tell you. WordPress is the easiest, most affordable option out there. Whether you want a easy online destination for your shop.  Just a virtual place to promote your comic about an Angry Pear. (That’s a real thing, by the way.)

If you have never even created a WordPress account before. You will be pleased to know that this package includes two introductory courses on building a business oriented site from scratch and without using any sort of coding. Lessons include tutorials on buying and selecting a strong domain name. Utilizing plugins and widgets, as well as adding permalinks and multimedia. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can choose from three jam-packed libraries of gorgeous, fully functional themes to breathe life into your site.

Once upon a time the year 2003, to be exact the discounts of the blogging software b2/cafelog forced 2 web developers to create a new platform for their site building needs. A good 14 years or so, and their little work. WordPress  has become the most popular CMS in the world, powering nearly 29% (and counting) of the interwebs.

All these features would be useless without a hosting service. This bundle includes a year’s worth of SSD hosting with unlimited monthly bandwidth, free backups, free support, and 10 GB of storage space.

Head over to the Mashable Shop to purchase all of these tools at a steep discount, available for a limited time for just $39% to 98% off the original price of over $2,400.

If you are the wordpress user then its just ablink of eye for you to creat your own website.


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