Xbox One Might be Getting Keyboard And Mouse Support


Mouse and KeyBoard Support Might Be Coming To Xbox One

Xbox One

Playing console games on keyboard and mouse is very sensitive topic. As consoles maker companies like Microsoft and Sony. Many gamers are using third party devices to play console game on Pc setting. But most of it is failing because there is no offical support of it on console.

But the wait is almost over because Micrsoft Finland has leaked the hot news.

The information came from Microsoft Poland’s press blog. which is use to give press releases to the press. Looking at the post, which was later deleted, but  looking at the news we can say that  support is in development. Rather than saying Microsoft is working on the support functionality. The article seems to be prepared for the orignal launch. Check out a screen grab of the post (via GamerPros) below:

Xbox one

The better Together update of Minecraft for the Xbox One already in keyboard and mouse support.

We have reached to Microsoft to ask about the reality of this news. Whether or not they have plans to implement rules regarding keyboard and mouse use in multiplayer games. We’ll update the story should we hear back.

Microsoft representative replied to Glixel, saying, “No new announcements are made regarding keyboard and mouse support on Xbox One. The post you referenced is pull down as it was created using incorrect information.”

Xbox One

The most popular games like uncharted and many More.  furthermore the gamers are hungary to use the keyboard and mouse on their Xbox one and Ps4. If Xbox releases these support then it will boost the sale on Xbox. Becasue no one will buy the expenive graphic card and very expensive CPUs.

when they play their favourit game on keyboard and mouse. Who else would need Hardes way to use consoles.


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