Xbox One X review wait and watch

Xbox One X review — wait and watch

Xbox x review

Xbox One X

Microsoft is now taking the whole new step in the gaming world. By launching Xbox one X this month. Xbox one X is exactly like Xbox one you say that it is the corbon copy fo xbox one.  The Xbox one X is not the next console but it the way of games that it can play. At the same time, while the Xbox One started this generation as the least powerful of the two big systems, Microsoft purposefully built the X as “the most powerful console ever.”

If that sounds like it’s straddling the line between more of the same and major advancement, you’re not wrong. I get the sense that Microsoft (and Sony with its similar but less-powerful PlayStation 4 Pro) want people to see the Xbox One X like a smartphone upgrade or one of Nintendo’s 3DS model refreshes.

Xbox One X launches November 7 for $500. For now, this is a review in progress. I’m still waiting on updates for key games like Forza Motorsport 7, Assassin’s Creed: Origins, and Call of Duty: WWII before they’re enhanced for the Xbox One X. Once I get some time with those games, I’ll finalize my thoughts.

Xbox one X what you like so far.

Running games at 4K, HDR, and 60+ FPS is Sneaky

XBox One X
This is the 4K screen shot on Xbox One X

As I have already notice that, the X is not going to bring ultra HD resolutions, 60 frames per second, and HDR coloring to every single game. But it is sometimes difficult to tell how the Xbox one X improves a game. Microsoft has an “ X Enhanced” category in its “My Games & Apps” folder, but that could mean a better resolution, faster fps, or other general improvements.

Not as powerfull as pc

The problem with the support for certain features is that it is not always up to you about what the Xbox One X’s extra power goes to. Gears of War 4 has a performance-or-quality setting. Either way, though, you’re not going to get 60 frames per second. I would like the option to turn down the resolution and other features to get that 60fps, but that’s not possible with the Xbox One X.

It’s important to know that the X is not the replacement for a 4K Windows. With a gaming PC, you can adjust everything to precisely your liking.

X  is not a major jump over X box one

This isn’t some mindblowing leap in power or features over the Xbox One models. 4K is nice, but it is not That much good. The Xbox One S already supports HDR in all the same games as the X. And plenty of games already run at 60 frames per second near a 1080p resolution.

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